Friday, February 4, 2011


Oversized Truck-Trailers block access to Deerhorn Valley Road and Mother Grundy TT:

Two oversized tractor trailers were hauling sections a prefab up to Via Laura.  Reportedly the hauler was Greg Fletcher from Japatul Road.  About noon the first rig failed to make the turn from Honey Springs to Deerhorn Valley Rd, and traffic was told to go back down  to Lower Mother Grundy in order to access DV Road.

About 6pm one of the rigs headed down Mother Grundy off DV Rd and got stuck, as well as taking down the power drop to at least one home.  The elderly couple who lives there now have no power - water - phone.  The rig moved on its way, and at least one resident went to investigate them as they were cutting down large oak branches to get through.

Evidently there was no proper road preparation done prior to hauling these sections.  Residents along Mother Grundy report that the last prefab headed up there was required to smooth the road and clear obstacles well ahead of the transport day.

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