Saturday, February 26, 2011


Just checked the NWS for our area.  A flood advisory has been added to all the other warnings, so be exceptionally careful if you have to go down the hill.  Three flood spot to watch out for:  Creek crossing at the bottom of Deerhorn Valley Road -- Honey Springs Road both above and below entrance to Lower Mother Grundy TT
These three spots can become impassible.  Most long-time residents have seen trapped cars.  Deerhorn dip usually clears most quickly, but a lot of sand, mud and debris will be under the water level.  The two dips on Honey Springs are treacherous: fast-moving and deceptively deep.  Don't expect warning signs to go up.  The DPW will have its hands full in the lower areas.  Skyline TT is the best route.  It will also take you around a major flood spot on Hwy 94.  I haven't hear anything about Otay Lakes Rd.  It typically floods at the Thousand Trails dip and the creek crossing just east of the gliderport.
Be warm.  Stay safe.  Hoping you don't have to get on the road.

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