Sunday, October 10, 2010


7am Saturday morning–– the guide balloons were flying, the flags were up, pickups, trailers, and cars turned into the the McKinley's driveway off Elena Lane--- site of the Old DV Lodge.
It was a good, old-fashioned Swap-Meet-Deerhorn-Style: furniture, tools, liniments, t-shirts, secret seasonings, handcrafted gifts: the basic "what-all's" of backcountry sheds and barns.
There was a serious discussion of swapping an electric people-mover for a mini 4WD Jeep-ette. Rob Deason lugged home a tank and regulators-- with a smile the size of Mother Grundy.  Mark Payne almost ran out of BBQ, and Tom Lamb brought down the new state-of-the art chipper-shredder, weekwhackers, chainsaws, and cutters, all just purchased with our FireSafe Council USFS grant.  A crowd gathered to admire this candy-store of super-tools.
The Community Association offered DV Antlers, Deerhorn Connected info, directory signups, reflective signs order forms, all neatly arranged and presided over with "g'mornin's, smiles and hello's.
Maybe the best part was just having the time to stop, and talk, and swap stories.  Neighbors and friends and newcomers all enjoying a perfect day.
Big Thank-You's to Anne Evosevich and the coordinators, and to Rod and Pam McKinley for opening up their property for this event.

Ice-cold tea and lemonade   -   Homemade jellies... from homegrown grapes

A "giddy" Tom Lamb shows off the new Outer Jamul FireSafe Council chipper.

Bill and Vicki Stevens with their Watkins liniments and extra goodies.

Deerhorn t-shirts -- $8 adults and $5 kids -- SUch a deal!

Metalworker Ruth: There's talent in this valley!

DVCA exhibits its candleholders!
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