Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainbows and ice cream

On October 1, as the sun set, Kim and I saw a rainbow through the oaks.  Out the back we have a full view of the morning and sunset sky, and we saw this!  We stood, captured by this beautiful scene.  It filled the sky!  This picture is composed of four photos "stitched" together, and it lacks the BIGness of it.  My niece said it best, "WOW!"

Now, I think it's a myth that there's a pot of gold at one end.  But at the other there IS a box-car-size frosty container of Ben & Jerry's mint-chocolate-chip . . . I grabbed a big spoon and ran.  Wouldn't you know, the sun set just before I got there!   – Rob Deason

- Posted by Rob D.

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