Monday, September 27, 2010

Steele Canyon High School still on lockdown at 1:30.

 The Channel 10 website (above link) has been updated with some additional information.  There are a lot of comments from parents, teachers, and students at the bottom of the article - 7 pages as of right now).  It is unfiltered, and there are a couple of the usual loonies, but most of the postings are from parents who are concerned and frustrated about getting information via the school district office.  The students are texting and calling parents from the classrooms.  They are still on lockdown, and are being escorted to bathrooms on some kind of rotating or building by building basis.  They haven't had lunch, but everyone seems to be fine.
Students reported that they were to expect a loud "boom" and to not be alarmed.  I could not determine if the boom has happened or not.  The speculation was that they could have been attempting to explode the package.
The roads to Steele Canyon are still closed.  If you are coming from town, best to go up Mexican Canyon/Jamul Drive then around the back way (Skyline Truck Trail).
Air traffic was told to stay away from the area, and police were requested to not use radios while on campus (radio signals can set off explosives).
The school's website is:
Parents are being told to go to Target for information.  Students say they have been told that they will be sent (bus?) to Target for reunification with parents once the incident is over.  Some parents have picked up their children.  Police escort was required.
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