Saturday, September 18, 2010

RANCHO SAN DIEGO FIRE --- An Exercise in Twittering!

I'm continuing to "practice" with the blogging and twittering.  Today was a good example.  We were at the ARRL (Amateur Radio) Conference when I got the text alert from CalFire about the Rancho San Diego fire.  From my cell I was able to "re-tweet" it to appear on  It was quick and easy, and another reminder that the more options we have for communication, the better.
I'm overdue in sending out and Antler Update... and Monday is the quickest I'll be able to get to it.  So I know I'm pretty much blogging to myself.  But at least there are no complaints (-:

Are you a ham operator?  Do you have  equipment for receiving or transmitting messages?  We're putting together a list of amateur radio folks in our area (Deerhorn, Bratton, Lyons, etc.)   Just one more option for staying connected and informed.

FYI -- There was also a small fire today in Lyons Valley near the soccer field, according to CERT twitter. The majority of smoke that has been seen to the south-east is coming from a fire in Mexico.   CalFire says it poses no current threat to this side of the border.
-Posted by Kim

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