Sunday, September 26, 2010

FIRE CROSSED TO US NEAR TECATE - US Engines/strike team ready to cross border

The Border 11 fire is burning in the area of Bell Valley near the Tecate Port of Entry.   No U.S.structures threatened.  Fire is making a "southwest push" according to radio traffic.  SDGE Sunbird/Blackhawk helicopter passed over Deerhorn Valley enroute to Border Fire about 15 minutes ago.  Striketeams have been ordered to go into Mexico, and Palomar Hotshots are also responding.  Dan Connors from Mother Grundy has been monitoring the spread and sent this screenshot showing where the fire has passed over.  The straight line extends from the fire to Deerhorn Valley and is approximately 15 miles long.
There were earlier reports of fire victims, possibly firefighters from Mexico being transported to Port of Entry, and a Mexican fire engine burned over near the POE. 
Five US fire engines and a strike time are headed across border to provide structure protection. Burns mentioned earlier were NOT to firefighters, but to civilians who are being treated in Tecate

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