Thursday, September 2, 2010


Cowboy Fire is now 719 acres and 10% contained.  Only light winds expected tonight and for the next few days.  This image is from USDA Forest Service.  It shows where the fire was AND is, so by following it you can trace direction and movement.  This was downloaded at about 9:15 PM, 9/2/2010:
Thanks to Dan Connors from the Mother Grundy area for finding this site...

Please feel free to comment or share information.  It should be open to all viewers.  You may need a Google Account (I'm still not sure of how all this works!)  -Kim

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  1. That is a great resource! Thanks for posting it, and thanks to Dan for sending it on. I have added a link to this interactive map viewer as well as to the DVCA blog and twitter feed to my list of "San Diego County Fire Information Resorces" ( Great work! Thanks again!